Apr 13, 2020
Covid-19 Young man with Christian T-shirt

Covid-19 – An opportunity for the gospel like never before!

Early in January when my husband started reading articles online about the Covid-19 virus that broke out in Wuhan, China I was only half-interested. I could not understand why he would want to know everything about the spread and effect of this sickness. I was convinced that down here in sunny South Africa, we would remain untouched and life would go on as normal. How wrong I was. Covid-19 has since spread globally at a rapid pace and affected roughly 92% of countries worldwide. Most of the world right now is experiencing a forced lockdown or quarantine and people, economies and businesses all over are suffering because of it. I’m not sure any of us can say that we have been untouched by this pandemic. I’m also becoming more and more certain that in a […]
Mar 19, 2020
Lady with face mask facing coronavirus in the air

How should we respond to the Coronavirus pandemic as Christians?

The Covid-19 virus, that originated in Wuhan, China on 31 December 2019 has taken the world by storm. With over 218 000 people infected worldwide and more than 8 800 deaths recorded * , it’s no wonder the world is in a frenzy. “Coronavirus” as most people refer to it, is the topic that’s on everyone’s lips,  whether you watch the news, catch up on social media, get in to grocery line conversations or listen to your mother reminding you to wash your hands. On Sunday, President Cyril Ramaphosa declared a national state of disaster in South Africa, closing schools, setting limits on travel, prohibiting gatherings of over 100 people among other stipulations. No one remains unaffected by the fallout of what is happening around the world and in our country. Businesses and individuals around […]
May 21, 2019
Christian T-shirts on sale online May 2019 by In the Gap Clothing from only R95 per T shirt

Christian Clothing online SALE! While stocks last

Christian Clothing on sale now on selected items. From only R95* for kids T-shirts and R125 for adult T-shirts. While stocks last.  
May 7, 2019
Mom holding baby in the air, wearing a blue Christian babygrow

Mom, keep going – what you are doing is worthwhile!

As you read this, you might be having one of those days. Oh you know the ones I mean. You’ve been up since before dawn with baby, walked eyes half closed into the kitchen, just thinking about getting coffee. Looking at the clock, you decided to make the kids breakfast first. “Mommy!” Your toddler is calling from the bathroom. You leave everything half-done and rush to help with toddler’s potty training. “Can you tie my laces?” your preschooler pops in his head, not waiting for his sister to be done. You finish up the toddler, tie the laces and walk back to the kitchen, picking up clothes and toys as you go. You look blankly at the breakfast in progress. As you open the cupboard to get out the cereal, you are wondering: “Why is […]
Dec 12, 2018
Christian T-shirt best sellers 2018 - In the Gap Clothing

Christian Clothing – Best-Sellers of 2018

Do you still need some ideas for Gifts? Here are our top 5 best sellers of 2018 for some inspiration.
Oct 23, 2018
Young people sitting against blue wall, laughing, wearing Christian T-shirts

Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience…

It must have been only a short while after we started printing our own range of Christian T-shirts that I became deeply  aware of what people were wearing. My eyes were drawn to the fonts, the logos, colours….but mostly the pictures and the messages on clothes and T-shirts. I was shocked by some of the things people were blatantly donning in public; messages of death, violence, sexual promiscuity and profanities among other things. Being a Mom, I am also deeply concerned with kids’ clothing. Kids everywhere are wearing messages like “Little Rebel”, “Troublemaker”, “Rules don’t apply to me”, “Mommy’s Monster”, “Warning, next tantrum in 2 minutes”. Sometimes I want to stop a parent somewhere and point to the T-shirt and say: “Look. It’s no wonder your child won’t listen to you”. When I see these […]
Sep 21, 2018
Riaan at the In The Gap Clothing Christian T-shirt stall

In the Gap Clothing – sharing our vision

In the Gap Clothing sharing about their Christian T-shirts from Elmari Viljoen on Vimeo.
Sep 3, 2018
Spring blossoms - how gratefulness can change your life

Put the spring back into your step this Spring – Tips for being thankful

Life can be hard. And sometimes it feels like the straws just keep piling up until the burden of it can be quite overwhelming. We had a tough season. The wonderful news of being pregnant again was quickly overshadowed for me by extreme nausea. “Morning sickness” is really a misnomer, as it hit me all day, and was especially worse in the evenings. Keeping to normal life became increasingly difficult and my poor husband had to pick up the pieces when I just couldn’t. Starting late afternoon I couldn’t keep anything in, unless I laid down, which meant my husband (after a long day’s work) had to feed and bath and put our kids to bed every day. Anyone with children will know that on the best of days this time of day is not […]
Jun 25, 2018
Faith moves mountains hoodies on a line, T shirt on a washing machine and iron

How to take care of your In the Gap T-shirt or Hoodie?

You want your new In the Gap T-shirt or Hoodie to last long, don’t you? Well here is how you can take care that it does: Wash Instructions We recommend washing at 40°C or lower. Any washing machine. Any detergent. But please no bleach. And it just makes sense not to put in your sparkling white T-shirt with your fiery red socks. 🙂 Hang out to Dry Living in sunny South Africa, we are sure you are aware that sun can do some damage to your clothes, especially on a long term basis. Therefore we recommend