Dec 12, 2018
Christian T-shirt best sellers 2018 - In the Gap Clothing

Christian Clothing – Best-Sellers of 2018

Do you still need some ideas for Gifts? Here are our top 5 best sellers of 2018 for some inspiration.
Sep 21, 2018
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In the Gap Clothing – sharing our vision

In the Gap Clothing sharing about their Christian T-shirts from Elmari Viljoen on Vimeo.
Jul 6, 2017

Family at Freedom Road Rally – In the Gap Clothing in Stilbaai

Windy Stilbaai. That was my first impression, when we arrived at Ellenrust Campsite early Friday morning to set up stall for the Freedom Road Bikers Rally. I was glad we decided to come with the caravan and not our tent. But as unwelcome as the weather, so friendly and welcoming was the people we met. Not too long and we had someone helping us with the caravan’s tent and everyone greeted and welcomed us warmly. Pretty soon, we felt like
Nov 28, 2016

Fun on the Beach with In the Gap T-shirts

Jun 1, 2016

Changing the World 1 T-shirt at a time – Interview with our newest In the Gap member

Spreading the gospel is our passion, and using T-shirts, Hoodies and Scatter Cushions we are getting the Word of God out there. But behind the scenes this means admin and diligent people getting the work done. Which is why I am so thankful that God has sent us Emma Umima Elstadt to help in the In the Gap Office. She shares a bit of her story with us: How do you pronounce your second name and do you know it’s meaning? My second name is Umima, and I know, it’s quite different. Quite special. You pronounce it je-mi-ma, which means
May 6, 2016

The Power of Good News

The Power of Good News ~ By Riaan Viljoen  A year ago I went on Outreach to Zambia with a team from my church. One day we went to do evangelism on the streets. We went out excited and tried to talk to a lot of people we saw in the market place. However, although the people seemed polite, there was no real openness to the gospel. Everyone we spoke to either already knew God or said only what they thought we wanted to hear. There had been many missionaries to this area in the past and it seemed like people only “played along” in order to get something. At the end of the day we were discouraged, not really having seen any impact.
Oct 7, 2015

5 Reasons I love Festivals and 1 Reason I don’t…

After 5 years of putting up In the Gap Clothing stalls at markets and Festivals all over the country, I have had my fair share of Festival Fun. And I still love going….uhm…most of the time. Here are my reasons why I love South African Festivals: 1. A Great Family Outing South African Festivals really have something for everyone. Great food stalls for dad, craft market for mom and crazy rides and fun activities for the kids. I love watching families come for the day, pushing the pram, talking and having fun. And my favourite Family Festival would have to be the Strawberry Festival, yearly at the Redberry Farm in George. Great activities for the family from picking your own strawberries to getting lost in a maze.
Jan 18, 2015

Have a Blessed Christ-Filled Festive Season!

Aug 12, 2014

Making T-shirts – the Screen printing process

How does Screenprinting work? About two years ago, when my husband and I started this business, Screenprinting was a foreign idea to me. I looked at all the equipment that we brought home and listened to the processes with a blank look and wondered how I would ever be able to master this technique in our business.    Now a year later I am amazed at what I’ve learned along the way and very grateful to a lot of people and resources that have helped get us this far… With that in mind I would like to share with you the basics of our screen printing process and maybe point you to some resources that have helped me get started!  1. Get an idea…. My husband had a dream about printing Christian T-shirts and now also get most of […]