Oct 23, 2018
Young people sitting against blue wall, laughing, wearing Christian T-shirts

Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience…

It must have been only a short while after we started printing our own range of Christian T-shirts that I became deeply  aware of what people were wearing. My eyes were drawn to the fonts, the logos, colours….but mostly the pictures and the messages on clothes and T-shirts. I was shocked by some of the things people were blatantly donning in public; messages of death, violence, sexual promiscuity and profanities among other things. Being a Mom, I am also deeply concerned with kids’ clothing. Kids everywhere are wearing messages like “Little Rebel”, “Troublemaker”, “Rules don’t apply to me”, “Mommy’s Monster”, “Warning, next tantrum in 2 minutes”. Sometimes I want to
Jun 28, 2016

Do you know Jesus?

“Have you ever heard about Nelson Mandela?” someone might ask you. “Sure, I know him. He was an amazing man who did great things for South Africa” you might respond. But do you? Really? Have you ever had a coffee with him? Did you phone him up on his birthday? Did you attend his wedding? Did he know you? We use the phrase so easily. I know Einstein. I know Elvis. I know Jesus.  What we really mean is that we know about  them. Surely there is a world of difference between the knowledge I have of Elvis vs how well I know my husband. When we read the Bible, REALLY read the Bible, we encounter
Oct 11, 2011

Retief Burger and changing the Cape for Jesus

In less than a month, gospel artist Retief Burger and expected thousands of passionate Christians will come together in the Hartenbos amfi-theatre to worship our King and seek His face for our corner of the country. ***** Translated excerpt from Mossel Bay Advertiser: MOSSELBAAI NEWS – On 3 September at 19:00 history will be made in the South Cape! Retief Burger and his band will be having an open-air concert in the Amfi-theatre in Hartenbos. “This show is made possible by our King Jesus! God Himself gave this command that this evening should take place and because of that everything will fall into place. In Haggai 2:8 God says, …all the gold and silver belongs to Me! “God is on the move in our country, especially if we look at all the men who attend the Mighty […]
Aug 10, 2011

Retief Burger show a huge success!

Thousands of voices proclaiming Jesus is King! That’s what we experienced the evening of 3 September at the Hartenbos Amfi-theatre. There was an air of expectation as testimonies was shared in the beginning of the evening, proclaiming the miracles that preceded this evening. More than R170 000 was amazingly provided by our God to make this possible. Another personal testimony ended with “Amazing Grace” played on a bagpipe and the atmosphere was charged when Retief Burger and his band came onto stage and started to worship. The rest of the night was filled with old songs and new, declaring who God is and how He loves us and want us to turn to Him. Hundreds of people responded when