Sep 21, 2018
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In the Gap Clothing – sharing our vision

In the Gap Clothing sharing about their Christian T-shirts from Elmari Viljoen on Vimeo.
Jul 6, 2017

Family at Freedom Road Rally – In the Gap Clothing in Stilbaai

Windy Stilbaai. That was my first impression, when we arrived at Ellenrust Campsite early Friday morning to set up stall for the Freedom Road Bikers Rally. I was glad we decided to come with the caravan and not our tent. But as unwelcome as the weather, so friendly and welcoming was the people we met. Not too long and we had someone helping us with the caravan’s tent and everyone greeted and welcomed us warmly. Pretty soon, we felt like
Apr 24, 2017

What happens when 1 million people come together to pray? – It’s time

~ by Elmari Viljoen This weekend, my family and I went up to Bloemfontein to join the historic It’s Time prayer meeting. What I experienced is hard to put into words. About 6 weeks ago, Angus Buchan (from Faith like Potatoes) received a word from God: It’s Time. Time for Christians to come together to pray and stand up for Him in South Africa. Countless details fell into place in a matter of weeks and on the 22nd of April people from across South Africa (and even some from overseas) poured into Wilde Als Farm to seek the Lord on behalf of our country. As we arrived in the bus, seeing thousands upon thousands gathered and more
Mar 18, 2017

Don’t despise the day of small beginnings – Mighty Families at Yellowoods

This weekend was the first ever Mighty Family Festival (Following the recent Mighty Men and Worthy Women conferences across South Africa). It was a lovely hot day on Yellowoods farm when different gospel artists and speakers started to praise the name of Jesus from the balcony of the Yellowoods Restaurant. Families slowly arrived and spread out on picnic blankets  and camping chairs in the shade of trees and tents setup on the bank of the river. Kids played together and parents sat down to listen to the music and speakers. It was a relatively small group (+_ 100) that listened intently that evening to Fergus Buchan preach on Eph 5, 6 specifically addressing wives, husbands and children, highlighting each’s role and responsibility in a godly family, but the size of the group did not diminish
May 6, 2016

Calling COURAGEOUS Fathers

“Honor Begins at home” is the slogan of new movie: Courageous. The movie about four law-enforcement officers is about facing their greatest challenge of all: Fatherhood. Some Facts on Fatherhood (Excerpt from ) Fatherless homes produce: 63 percent of youth suicides (Bureau of the Census) 90 percent of all homeless and runaway children (CDC) 85 percent of all children with behavioral disorders (CDC) 85 percent of all youths in prisons (Fulton Co. Georgia jail populations, TX Dept. of Corrections 1992) (All Pro Dads, © 2010 Family First) No substitute. As a male parent, a father brings unique contributions to the job of parenting that a mother cannot. There is no substitute for a father’s love, involvement and presence in the life of his children.
Oct 7, 2015

5 Reasons I love Festivals and 1 Reason I don’t…

After 5 years of putting up In the Gap Clothing stalls at markets and Festivals all over the country, I have had my fair share of Festival Fun. And I still love going….uhm…most of the time. Here are my reasons why I love South African Festivals: 1. A Great Family Outing South African Festivals really have something for everyone. Great food stalls for dad, craft market for mom and crazy rides and fun activities for the kids. I love watching families come for the day, pushing the pram, talking and having fun. And my favourite Family Festival would have to be the Strawberry Festival, yearly at the Redberry Farm in George. Great activities for the family from picking your own strawberries to getting lost in a maze.
Aug 8, 2014

Mighty Kids Arise

Another exciting event recently took place as a crowd of kids (and parents) came together on a farm in Brandwacht to worship Jesus! Despite pouring rain that broke out in the middle of the worship time, most kids and parents stayed on to continue worshiping in the house. Enjoy the photos taken at the event
Aug 31, 2013

Aardklop Nasionale Kunstefees 2013

This year’s popular Art Festival, held annually in Potchefstroom, is looming close. In a mere 3 weeks Potch will be filled with art lovers, Festival enthusiasts, stall holders, artists and curious spectators from all over the country. From 23-28 September there will be spectacular shows, interesting stalls and all-round fun and entertainment happening at the university grounds in Potchefstroom.  In the Gap Clothing (not wanting to miss out on the fun!) will also make an appearance. Come look us up if you are there! Are you going to Aardklop? What are you looking forward to the most? (Please drop us a comment below) P.S For more info on what’s happening visit the official Aardklop website  
Aug 18, 2013

So Blessed at Aardklop 2013

We left early from the Strawberry Festival in George. We had a long road ahead of us, and did not want to get there too late. Just before 1 in the morning we arrived at a friend’s house in Bloemfontein where we could get some sleep before continuing our journey the next day. Potchefstroom is far from Mossel Bay! The next day we were on the road again bright and early and  just in time for registration and setting up our stall, we arrived at the Festival Grounds in Potchefstroom. It was a hot day and our winter clothes soon got shed as we embraced the Summer. Some friendly staff directed us to our space where we could set up stall. But when we got there, there was no place set out for us. We asked around, […]