Jul 6, 2017

Family at Freedom Road Rally – In the Gap Clothing in Stilbaai

Windy Stilbaai. That was my first impression, when we arrived at Ellenrust Campsite early Friday morning to set up stall for the Freedom Road Bikers Rally. I was glad we decided to come with the caravan and not our tent. But as unwelcome as the weather, so friendly and welcoming was the people we met. Not too long and we had someone helping us with the caravan’s tent and everyone greeted and welcomed us warmly. Pretty soon, we felt like
Apr 24, 2017

What happens when 1 million people come together to pray? – It’s time

~ by Elmari Viljoen This weekend, my family and I went up to Bloemfontein to join the historic It’s Time prayer meeting. What I experienced is hard to put into words. About 6 weeks ago, Angus Buchan (from Faith like Potatoes) received a word from God: It’s Time. Time for Christians to come together to pray and stand up for Him in South Africa. Countless details fell into place in a matter of weeks and on the 22nd of April people from across South Africa (and even some from overseas) poured into Wilde Als Farm to seek the Lord on behalf of our country. As we arrived in the bus, seeing thousands upon thousands gathered and more
Mar 18, 2017

Don’t despise the day of small beginnings – Mighty Families at Yellowoods

This weekend was the first ever Mighty Family Festival (Following the recent Mighty Men and Worthy Women conferences across South Africa). It was a lovely hot day on Yellowoods farm when different gospel artists and speakers started to praise the name of Jesus from the balcony of the Yellowoods Restaurant. Families slowly arrived and spread out on picnic blankets  and camping chairs in the shade of trees and tents setup on the bank of the river. Kids played together and parents sat down to listen to the music and speakers. It was a relatively small group (+_ 100) that listened intently that evening to Fergus Buchan preach on Eph 5, 6 specifically addressing wives, husbands and children, highlighting each’s role and responsibility in a godly family, but the size of the group did not diminish
Mar 16, 2017

South Africa needs change – what can you do?

Even if you have not been following the news in these last few weeks, you will definitely agree that our beloved South Africa desperately needs ch ange. Crime, racism, corruption are but a few things we can mention that are currently destroying the country we love. The circle is drawing closer and closer and us and the people we love, our friends, our families are being affected by it. A famous quote reads that “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” ~ Edmund Burke Something needs to be done.  And it is the responsibility of each of us to be that good person who does something. So what do we do?? In times like these it can be tempting to fight the world with the world’s […]
Sep 6, 2016

Churches persecuted for teaching the Bible, in South Africa?

Is it possible that we will see the Christians in South Africa being persecuted in our lifetime? A recent allegation brought against Joshua Generation Church, Cape Town, South Africa by the South African Human Rights Commission has sparked major concern in churches, all over South Africa, suggesting that our religious freedom might be under attack. JGC is under investigation for teaching corporal punishment, as they understand it from a Biblical perspective (“Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them” – Prov 13:24). The SAHRC alleges that this teaching amounts to a violation of the rights of children to be protected from maltreatment, neglect and abuse. “We believe the Government is aiming to outlaw spanking in South Africa, within the homes. They see it as abuse. (It has already been outlawed from schools in SA for […]
Aug 18, 2013

IT’S TIME – National Prayer Day for South Africa with Angus Buchan

Angus Buchan made a special announcement on his Facebook page, calling all people from all over the country from Tzaneen to Cape Town, from Upington to Durban, to come together, to call upon The Lord to bring justice, peace and hope to our beloved South Africa. A National Day of Prayer will be held
Jun 25, 2012

Laurika Baron Productions go on tour with In the Gap Clothing Gear

Recently two young up and coming artists from Laurika Baron Productions went on tour in the Western Cape to promote their musical talents. “Pinkster Patricia” and hip-hop “Rhymin Prophet” Eugene Williams, both have incredible testimonies of how God has called them out of their circumstances into a musical career, not only to use and expand their God-given musical talents but to uplift their communities and ultimately live a life that testifies of Jesus.
Oct 11, 2011

Retief Burger and changing the Cape for Jesus

In less than a month, gospel artist Retief Burger and expected thousands of passionate Christians will come together in the Hartenbos amfi-theatre to worship our King and seek His face for our corner of the country. ***** Translated excerpt from Mossel Bay Advertiser: MOSSELBAAI NEWS – On 3 September at 19:00 history will be made in the South Cape! Retief Burger and his band will be having an open-air concert in the Amfi-theatre in Hartenbos. “This show is made possible by our King Jesus! God Himself gave this command that this evening should take place and because of that everything will fall into place. In Haggai 2:8 God says, …all the gold and silver belongs to Me! “God is on the move in our country, especially if we look at all the men who attend the Mighty […]
Mar 14, 2011

Lots of Favour!

~ By Riaan Viljoen I just want to testify of God’s faithfulness and the favour He has shown me the last couple of days. I left a week ago to travel to the Randfontein Show to showcase our Christian Clothing. As I was going alone I was planning on sleeping in my stall at night, armed with my blow up mattrass and sleeping bag.  When my neighbour at the stall next to me heard about this plan, he invited me to come and sleep at his house. (I only met him that day) I politely declined, saying that I will see how the night goes and maybe take him up on his offer the next day. Needless to say, I did not sleep well that night. Besides noise and cold, the stall lights that were left […]